Global Digital Marketing Hiring Agreement | Upgrade

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Global Digital Marketing Hiring Agreement | Upgrade

£40.00£205.00 plus VAT

This is an upgrade product for those who have originally purchased either the Digital Marketing Hiring Agreement or Global Digital Marketing Hiring Agreement and are now looking to upgrade to a higher level.

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£100.00 £90.00 plus VAT

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What's included within your upgrade?

Upgrading to Standard? Add your logo!

Our basic terms were designed for you at pre-start-up and start-up.  Now you have some revenue going in your business it’s time to add your logo and get extra support.

Upgrade from Basic to Standard to add your logo and get an additional 6 months support from your original date of purchase.

Upgrading to Premium? Fully Editable!

Once you have an established and routine business model, it is time to look at upgrading to Premium.

With a premium contract you will be able to:

  • Have complete freedom to edit anything within the contract
  • Receive up to three private changes with our team
  • Access premium level only discounts and additional services.

And, receive an additional 18 months support from your original date of purchase.

Which version can you upgrade?

We have two types of contracts available:

Marketing Management: For those hiring associates or marketing and management specialists, including technical support and strategy.

Content Creation: For those hiring associates or individuals who do not deal with the marketing side of things but have a hand in creating copy and content.

You can only upgrade the items you have already purchased. If you need additional add ons you can purchase them separately.

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