Global Trainer Terms of Business | Upgrade

Global Trainer Terms of Business | Upgrade

Included in the Global Trainer Terms of Business:

  1. Terms of Business Agreement
  2. Booking Form
  3. Data Processing Form
  4. ICO Reference Document (referred to in Data Processing Form)
  5. Sample Security Instructions
  6. Non-EU Model clauses

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Work as a global trainer with clients across the world

Once your training business gets going the next step is to work across the world – either in person or via online programmes.  

It sounds great – and it can be.  But have you ever thought about what you might need to protect your Global Trainer  business (and your client) in a world where different laws apply depending on where you are working? 

If you are working for a multi-national you can find them handing out their agreement which demands all your copyright and IP and has lots of terrifying clauses that mean you pay whatever goes wrong. 

Just reading all those contracts and working out if you will ever be able to lawfully use your own material again can take hours.  We know, because we do it regularly!

If you are working for smaller organisations they won’t even have trainer contracts to offer you.  They expect you as a business person running your own business to have one to offer them.

How do you handle GDPR for delegates who may be EU citizens as you move around the globe?  

We have seen a lot of out of date trainer contracts that ignore the massive implications of data protection .  It is not just the EU who want you to secure and lock down customer data. 

Large training organisations spend literally thousands on contracts to help them.   But when you are just getting started on the global stage you don’t always have that kind of money.   Even if you do just the occasional work for an overseas customer,  you still need to take care of things properly.

Your customers will increasingly expect you to be able to answer questions like:

  • Have you got an NDA?
  • Who owns the rights when the work is done?
  • What about GDPR

If it all goes wrong you can lose time (and money) on things like “I thought you were supplying  that” or “But you  can’t use my material without my permission”.

My client just signed my terms of business and sent me an email that said "I have to say it’s refreshing to see such a thorough, well-thought-out contract! I’ve attached the signed page to this email too".

Shelley Fishel

IT Training Surgery

Would you like to get things all sorted out in a professional way?​

In an increasingly competitive world the way you onboard and contract your new clients can make you stand out as a real pro – or let you down as an amateur with no real idea of what needs to be done.

Would you like to be able to

  • Onboard new clients effectively
  • Handle GDPR without fuss or complications
  • Delivering training inside and outside the EU and know when  and how to add new elements to your contract to keep you on the GDPR track

Wouldn’t it be great if you could also

  • Handle Brexit changes to GDPR if you are in the UK (if and when that happens)
  • Handle cancellations and postponements without disrupting your cashflow
  • Sort out who is supposed to be providing what

And then let’s not forget

  • NDAs
  • Copyright and IP
  • Payments terms including late payment terms
  • Multiple course discounts

All designed to help you

  • Charge the way you want to and maximise your revenue
  • Create a positive framework for your commercial relationships
  • Enhance profitability by creating ‘niche’ extra charges that align with your business

Manage your client expectations and set out the way you work from the start.   Save time, money, and stress.

Your Global Trainer terms of business

Designed for Trainers  with Trainers (we do a lot of training ourselves)  to handle the variety of ways and mediums in which a Global Trainer works.

You need to know that whatever the future brings and wherever you find yourself working, you have something behind you designed for the way you work today..

Having a clear contracting and onboarding process makes it so much easier to comply with your legal obligations whilst creating a clear process for what is doing what.  When you have a clear structure with your clients you can reduce the time you don’t feel confident to bill because you don’t feel it was clear what you were going to charge.


  1. Terms of Business Agreement
  2. Booking Form
  3. Data Processing Form
  4. ICO Reference Document (referred to in Data Processing Form)
  5. Sample Security Instructions
  6. Non-EU Model clauses

You can select Basic, Standard or Premium level depending on how much you want to change and how long a support period you want.

Not sure which level you need? Compare contract options here


Comprehensive onboarding videos that take you through your what your documents mean, how to complete them and when to use them.

6-18 month’s membership of our community and with team support.

Members only webinars 

Free updates during your membership period.

We know not everyone is clear about how it all works and what needs to be done to put it all together.  Our supportive and friendly communities are designed for you to ask questions without worrying that they might be too small, and to find out how other trainers are handling similar problems and concerns.   Our resident legal and technical experts are on hand to respond to your questions and help you get to where you want to go.

So much more than a Global Trainer contract template

Working with experienced Trainers from solo practitioners to large training organisations, these terms have been developed to give you the structure and flexibility you need.

We create transparent contracts to help ethical trainers create healthy business boundaries for the clients you don’t yet know.  Boundaries, not barriers!

You can use them as a free-standing agreement or alongside our basic policy starter pack (if you don’t have things like a data protection policy or a social media policy) and  Global Trainer associate agreements

But you are not just purchasing document templates.  You are joining a lively and supportive group designed to help you adapt to a changing legal landscape and get used to being the boss of your own global trainer business.

Just put these all together to match what you need to get your VA business really into gear

Is this the right agreement for you?

These documents were developed in the UK for those who want to contract to GDPR standards for data security.

If you are in the UK/EU or have customers in the UK/EU or are accessing data about UK/EU citizens these documents will set you on the right track.

Local legal advice is always recommended as no-one can keep up with every detail of every change in every country.

These documents are designed to get you thinking about the best and appropriate practise for your business.  They are not a substitute for good business processes.

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