Graphic Designer Terms of Business

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Graphic Designer Terms of Business

£45.00£250.00 plus VAT

IR35 and GDPR ready contract for Graphic Designers.  Protect your business and create clear relationships with your customers.  The right terms of business mean your client expectations are managed professionally as well as saving you time, money and stress!

Included in the Graphic Designer Terms of Business:

  1. Booking Form
  2. Data Processing Form
  3. Terms of Business
  4. 6 months+ group support depending on the level you purchase
  5. Onboarding videos explaining how to use

Not sure which level you need? Compare contract options here

You can always purchase a lower level and upgrade later during your support period – you won’t lose the money you paid.

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£100.00 £90.00 plus VAT

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Are you confident your graphic designer business has contracts that really help and protect you?

When we sat down to create these graphic designer contracts with real graphic designers they were in for a shock.

It turns out each of them thought the way they handled masters, copyright, edit rights etc was the only way to do it.

We could see from the start that graphic designers have at least two very distinct business models. No wonder clients of graphic designers come to us with stories of expectations not met and unexpected bills!

We know you spend a lot of time and money learning how to be really great at graphic design,  but there is a lot more to making your business work than being a great graphic designer.

From legal changes to ensuring client expectations are met, you need to make sure that your contract outlines clear terms to protect both parties.

We’ve all had clients who expected us to do things we never offered to do, or want a faster turn round than we can manage.  And what about the ones who pay really slowly or not at all?

Your graphic designer terms of business are designed to use with your clients to make sure you have a clear agreement that helps you both comply with the ever-changing legal landscape.

Set yourself up with clear professional agreements from the start of your relationship.

Your graphic designer terms of business will help you:

  • handle IR35 changes
  • reassure your client of your status as an independent business
  • enable GDPR and data privacy compliance

You will also be able to:

  • onboard clients by clarifying who is doing what
  • give you tools to handle slow-paying clients
  • give you ways to increase your profitability

Your graphic designer terms will protect you from:

  • copyright disputes
  • data loss problems
  • tax disputes

Future-proof your business

With all the changes that IR35 and Brexit will bring, there has never been a better time to get your paperwork up to date and keep it up to date.   Any changes needed when the law changes are dropped into your document folder at no additional cost during your support period, plus we run webinars and how-to sessions giving you clear and simple information on what you need to do.    You can access them later and ask questions in our customer only Facebook support group.

Your graphic designer terms of business include a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) as well as many other documents and clauses to help you remain protected. They also come with a full set of onboarding videos explaining how to use them and 6-18 months of group support depending on what level you purchase.

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