Online Delegate Terms

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Online Delegate Terms

£250.00 £150.00 plus VAT

This is a premium level contract for those selling their online course to delegates.

Included in the Online Delegate Terms:

  1. Online Delegate Terms (Premium Level)
  2. Online Delegate Terms Landing Page Checklist (Premium Level)
  3. Group Rules

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Are you selling your online course to delegates?


You spent hours figuring out how to promote your programme and what your content should be.

But before you use your platform’s default terms, or just copy some random paragraphs from someone who already has a course online, have you thought about what you really need to protect your business?

Your online delegegate terms need to do things for you that your ‘in the room’ terms don’t need to worry about.

These terms are designed to handle

  • delegates from more than one country
  • standards of behaviour
  • consumer rights

Have you thought about how to protect your

  • copyright
  • sharing
  • re-use
  • using screen shots and Zoom shots

And what about

  • no shows
  • programme expiration
  • guarantees and refunds

And let’s not forget Data Privacy and GDPR as you are bound to have UK or EU delegates at some point. agreement?

These online delegate terms were written by our legal and business team and checked with online trainers to give you what you need in a way that your clients can understand.

They come with 18 months group support and are fully editable and ready to upload to your site.

Why spend time worrying when you could be off marketing your programme?

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