Policy Starter Pack

£45.00 plus VAT

The basic policies you need to keep your outsourced business compliant and growing.


Do you need a policy starter pack?

Is your business too small to need a policy pack?

No.  The smaller your business, the more vulnerable you are to some problems.   While big businesses have multiple systems and fail safes, for small businesses the only option is really to get it right first time.

If you are thinking you are exempt from all legal requirements (or problems) because you run a small business – think again.

These starter policies are designed to help you

  • comply with your legal obligations
  • support any tenders or pitches you have
  • add more information for your associates and clients on what is expected​

It’s not just about compliance it is about building some resilient and trustworthy systems to underpin your service offering and relationships.

All in ordinary english – not HR waffle or legal jargon.

Designed to make you and your business look professional.

Confused about what you must have?

​Data Protection

If you handle data about named or identifiable individuals you need a data protection policy.

It doesn’t matter how small your organisation is.

Wouldn’t you like to have something you can show clients when they ask about your data protection policy? ​

Are your team posting on social media?

So much can go wrong if you don’t give your associates some guidance on what can be said on social media (about you and your clients). There is no legal obligation on you to protect yourself and your clients but this will save you so much trouble.

​The first social media policy is designed for everyone

The second one tops up the first social media policy and is for you if you offer social media to clients as part of your service

Health and Safety

You don’t have to have a written statutory health and safety policy if you have less than 5 employees.But you still have an obligation not to injure anyone you pay (or who visits your premises).

This simple document sets out the basic tips on health and safety for office workers using computers.

Useful not just for your team – but also for you.

Equal Opportunity Policy for the freelancers you pay

Self-employed workers have a full set of equality rights and even some running personal service companies have got associated discrimination rights.

The best way to head off potential misunderstanding is to have a simple clear way for your team to let you know if they have a problem.

This set of short, simple policies is designed to get you started. No lengthy HR waffle, no complications. Designed to work with our agreements and contracts – or to stand alongside yours if you already have agreements in place.

When you are ready you can upgrade to a Standard or fully Premium policy pack.




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