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A Power hour can be used to really make the most of your contracts.  A pre-booked one-to-one with an expert who knows how to make those contracts sing. We recommend you have purchased your contract and worked through all the onboarding videos before claiming your time to maximise the benefit. You must use your time within 90 days of purchasing the time.

Do you spend time worrying or trying to research what you need to do or change to bring the legal and GDPR side of your business up to date with your current plans?

An hour one to one with a real expert to help you align your contracts for next year’s offer, analyse a client’s suggested contract or changes, or update to take into account a new service or newly outsourced team function or build your outsourced team.

Many customers make Power Hours a regular part of their business cycle.

What can you use a Power Hour for?

Your legal and commercial experts can help you with a variety of contract and document questions from the strategic service or platform change, to GDPR updates, to outsourcing in the UK or overseas for the first time.

Your Power Hour – you have the floor. We do this in Zoom (or Teams if you prefer).   If you want to we can co-draft documents during your hour so you can leave with a clear plan for what you need to do – and even the easy wins already in place.

What are the benefits of a Power Hour?

Get those contract and compliance things off your ‘todo’ list and onto your done list. You can stop having that nagging feeling that there is something you really ought to do and get on with growing your business.

Having contracts and policies that match what you are trying to achieve makes it so much easier to deal with clients and your team.

In a changing world, your documents should change with you. They should be a real tool and reflect your goals and values.

When do you need a Power Hour?

Did you know that you can buy a Power Hour and use it in the next 90 days? So you have time to book your slot and consider the best way to use your time. You will benefit from a Power Hour if:

  •  A client has asked you to work under their terms instead of yours – what are the implications of their terms – what do you lose, what do you gain – can you afford to agree?
  • You are switching from in the room to online or hybrid service delivery and need to make sure your existing KoffeeKlatch documents reflect this
  • You are going from UK based to having overseas clients or an overseas team
  • You are outsourcing for the first time
  •  You have ‘pivoted’ and are adding new services and need to update your terms and onboarding
  • You are struggling to understand how to integrate GDPR into an effective outsourced business model

This is the sort of thing that makes your head hurt and gets put off until it is a lot more complicated and expensive to put right.  But you don’t have to leave it till then.

You can use your one-to-one time during the 90 days after purchase – you simply book a time that suits on when you get to the Thank You page at the checkout.

Many KoffeeKlatch clients make this a regular part of their business cycle, using a regular contract and GDPR strategy session to make sure the business grows without storing up problems for later.

Power Hours are valid for 90 days from the date of purchase and must be used within that timescale.

They usually take place the week after purchase, though sometimes there are times available in the same week.

You can choose the person you want your Power Hour with, but they may mean a slightly longer wait if your chosen person is already booked up for the time you want.    You can choose either of the founders.  For more information on who is available click here.

They are designed to help you plan, think, and implement the contractual and compliance strategies you need, or help you understand complex contracts people want you to sign.

If you need urgent support or a longer project, please contact us privately using the orange help button so we can chat about what you need.

£250.00 plus VAT

Our contracts come in three levels:

Basic Level: £50+VAT
Standard Level: £90 + VAT
Premium Level: £250 + VAT

For more information, visit koffeeklatch.co.uk/contract-options

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