PR Hiring Agreement

PR Hiring Agreement

Included in the PR Hiring Agreement:

  1. Document Index
  2. PR Booking Form
  3.  PR Hiring Agreement
  4. Data Processing Instructions

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Your modern PR does a great deal more than write press releases and send them round to magazines and newspapers.   In a world of social media, on and offline publications, where PR and online marketing can be very closely linked, you can be letting your PR into the very heart of your business.  From helping interview clients to create case studies, to responding on social media on your behalf it can be a role that goes to the very heart of your business.

Have you thought about GDPR?

Before you share your social media and customer contact details, you need to think about GDPR.  It is your job to set up appropriate contractual terms and secure ways of working where individual customer data is involved – and this can include access to your social media accounts and contact with your staff and clients.   If something goes wrong the first thing anyone will look at is what did you set up?    If you’re hiring a PR you should take care of this.

What about copyright?

An experienced and ethical PR person will never use images or copy that breaches anyone else’s copyright.  But there are some inexperienced PRs around who do not know how badly this can cost you.  Others simply missed the training on the legal side of things.  You are probably assuming they would never do such a thing – and we hope so too.  But every year we see one or two who do and they cost their clients a lot of money.  What have you set up to avoid this?


What about tax?

In a world where HMRC increasingly wants you to take self-employed people as employees or equivalent, have you got the right way of working to reduce the risk of your PR’s retainer being mistaken for PAYE?  The right contractual arrangements can protect you both.


Using a PR associate?

If you are taking on a PR associate as part of your own PR or marketing practise, you are going to have to be doubly careful that you are properly contracting with your PR associate – to make sure you are buying what you are selling on – and keep the integrity of contracts and GDPR all the way through your business.  And you won’t want them going direct to your clients and cutting you out either – not if you can help it.  And you can help it if you issue the right agreement.


PR Hiring agreement

This PR hiring agreement is designed to help protect you and your PR by helping you set things up in the right way long before trouble strikes you.

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