PR Terms of Business

£45.00£250.00 plus VAT

Included in the PR Terms of Business:

  1. Document Index
  2. PR Booking Form
  3. PR Terms of Business
  4. Data Processing Form

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Step-by-Step Course

With access to our dedicated KoffeeKlatch Training Zone, GDPR has never been simpler!

Our insightful, step-by-step course is designed to help you hit the ground running and leave you ready to implement the processes within your business.

Coaching & Support

With you every step of the way is our supportive group of GDPR experts, tech specialists, trainers and other industry peers.


With our private Facebook group for industry specific GDPR groups, you have a community at your fingertips!

Understand Your Data

Designed for the way you work with data in your own business and the data you handle for clients.

Constant Updates

Guaranteed updates when new legislation is released. Helping you to grips with the changes that Brexit will bring.

Policies & Documents

Policies and documents that both you and your customers can understand and implement within your business.

Videos & Live Webinars

Videos, live webinars and audio downloads to help you work through the course materials at your own pace.

Practical & Hands On

A practical and hands-on approach to remove the headache and leave you feeling accomplished.

Be Compliant

Designed to help you learn the ins and outs of your business and its data and guide you towards compliance.

We are trying to make your check out experience better. 

To do this we monitor how often people visit our check out without purchasing. If there is a reason why you got stuck please let us know at : We value your privacy.

Any information we collect on you is used in accordance with our data privacy policy We are not here to hassle you – just trying to serve you better.

The PR business has changed beyond all measure in the last few years.  The old write and send out press releases is long gone and your modern PR business handles social media, client stories, creation of client attractors and a lot more.  If you are working with a smaller organisation you will be the ‘go to’ person for anything to do with new releases and launches.


Trusted with confidential information?

You are trusted with prelaunch information and other confidential and commercially sensitive information – as well as contact information when you are liaising with customers, organising events and more.  Your terms need to show that you can be trusted and that you are properly up to speed with GDPR.  It is never a good PR move to put your client into a GDPR breach by mishandling the information they give you!


GDPR ready?

Your terms of business need to change with the times as rapidly as you do.   These GDPR ready terms are written for the way you work today.   Using our decades of experience of writing individual terms and contracts for PR agencies – and our specialist knowledge of GDPR – we have made this as easy as possible for you and your client.


Set clear client expectations


We have heard all about the client who wants miracles but changes your copy so it will never work.   Your KoffeeKlatch terms of business help you begin the process of setting out clearly who does what and what is expected.   Designed to make it easier to be clear with your favourite clients, and a lot easier to flush out the ones who are going to be tricky.


Let’s talk about money

It can be difficult when you are in full-on creative and campaign mode to sit down and talk about money.  Our terms give you payment periods, interest on late payments, retention of copyright if you don’t get paid and a lot more.  You can modify them in your Booking form (Basic and Standard level) or in the body copy (Premium only) depending on what level you purchased.   Taken from decades of working with PR firms – we know the hoops you sometimes have to jump through to get paid.


What about work-life balance?


We all know that PR can be a 24 hour 7 day a week game – unless you take the time to set up proper boundaries from the off.   We also know that breaking news cycles can disrupt even the most carefully laid plan.  But you do have to set expectations about when you are usually available and when you are not.  Our contracts give you the bells and whistles you need to bring a tricky customer back into line – whilst leaving you free to implement some of the sticks or leave them alone.

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