VA Terms of Business

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VA Terms of Business

£45.00£250.00 plus VAT

As a VA, this contract is the one you issue to your clients. It covers you for issues including GDPR, NDAs, copyright, IP, tax and more.

It’s been designed to handle all the ways you might charge – whether retainer, hourly rate or project. It also has options for different rates, such as core hours, out of hours, and uplifts for specific work.

What’s included in the VA Terms of Business:

  • Terms of Business
  • Booking Form
  • Data Processing Form
  • 6 months+ group support depending on the level you purchase
  • Onboarding videos explaining how to use

With these VA Terms of Business in place, your client expectations will be managed professionally as well as saving you time, money and stress.

Not sure which level you need? Compare contract options here – note that you can upgrade anytime at a customer-only price.

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Having the right VA Terms of Business will help you to;

  • Onboard new clients effectively
  • Handle GDPR without fuss or complications
  • NDA
  • Handle copyright and IP
  • Handles tax liabilities
  • Avoid misunderstandings about what is chargeable when
  • Sort out who is supposed to be doing what
  • Create a positive framework for your commercial relationships
  • Enhance profitability by creating ‘niche’ extra charges that align with your business

The right VA terms of business mean your client expectations are managed professionally as well as saving you time, money and stress!

I've just sent the Booking Form and Terms for the first time to a new client for signing. They have been incredibly complimentary about it. It's clear, comprehensive and they know exactly where they stand."

Emily Dover


Start by having the proper Terms of Business

Designed to handle the variety of ways a VA charges, from the retainer to hourly rate or project, with options for core hours, out of hours, rates uplifts for specific work and more.

When you have a clear structure with your clients you can reduce the time you don’t bill because you don’t want to spring any surprises on them.

Includes 6-18 month’s membership of our community and team support (dependent on level).

Designed with Virtual Assistants, for Virtual Assistants!

Working with Virtual Assistants who run teams and with solo practitioners these terms have been developed to give you the structure and flexibility you need.

You can use them as a free-standing agreement or alongside our basic policy starter pack (if you don’t have things like a data protection policy or a social media policy) and Virtual Assistant associate agreements.

Just put these all together to match what you need to get your VA business really into gear.

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