Web Designer Terms of Business

Web Designer Terms of Business
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As a Web Designer, this contract is the one you issue to your clients. It covers you for issues including GDPR, NDAs, copyright, IP, tax and more. It’s been designed to handle all the ways you might charge – whether retainer, hourly rate or project. It also has options for different rates, such as core hours, out of hours, and uplifts for specific work. What’s included in the Web Designer Terms of Business:
  • Terms of Business
  • Booking Form
  • Data Processing Form
  • 6 months+ group support depending on the level you purchase
  • Onboarding videos explaining how to use
With these Web Designer Terms of Business in place, your client expectations will be managed professionally as well as saving you time, money and stress. Not sure which level you need? Compare contract options here - note that you can upgrade anytime at a customer-only price.
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Information coming soon

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You’re a web designer and you’re sick of clients adding to your workload without adding to your bank balance. You’re fed up with clients not understanding what they need to do, and what they’re responsible for (no matter how many times you tell them!)

Well, there’s great news.

We’ve got the perfect Web Designer Terms of Business for you.

When you invest in these terms of business you’ll love how your workflow becomes easier.

Clients will understand:

  • The importance of getting content to you in a timely fashion
  • Why they need to define the project with you in advance
  • How logins and passwords will be shared
  • Who will provide the copy
  • Who owns the copyright
  • Who does the SEO?
  • How you protect their data and what you do to make their site GDPR compliant and what the client needs to do!

GDPR & Your Web Design Contracts

GDPR is all about security by design, and you as the web designer may be accessing a site that contains data. The client may not even realise this, so we’ve created the perfect contract that you can use.

  • You’ll love how this contract will give you the skeleton brief.
  • It outlines the responsibilities for you and the client.

No more dealing with assumptions!

  • No more P.I.T.A.  clients.
  • Every project can be delivered on time
  • And as agreed
  • Plus, the things you should charge extra (and actually get paid for)

When combined with the forms this covers everything you will need to serve your clients and deliver the perfect website. You’ll love how many glowing testimonials you’ll get and how you can turn a difficult client into a someone who refers your services again and again and again!

And of course, you’ll have our supportive Facebook group and videos showing you how to use your documents.