Have you got the right Virtual Assistant contracts for your business?

If you are starting as a Virtual Assistant it is easy to get confused about what you need.

You don’t want to be copying and pasting your virtual assistant contract from a USA VA where the laws are different, or from an out of date site.  Everything keeps changing, but this is one thing you don’t need to worry about.   Nor do you want to be copying data privacy policies from people with much more complicated businesses than yours.    Here’s a guide to the basics you really need.

VA Terms of Business

The first thing you need is a contract between you and your client. Here at KoffeeKlatch we call that ‘terms of business’. Once you have completed it, you and your client will by crystal clear on who is paying what, who owns what, and what is going on.

It’s not easy to keep on top of everything from data privacy law and GDPR, or NDAs and copyright or tax and other legal issues. To make it easier everything comes with a full set of videos explaining:

All designed to make you feel confident you are doing the right thing.

And if that’s not enough you get group support so you can ask your questions as you use your documents and questions pop up.  And free legal updates too!

Data Privacy Policy

Data Privacy Policy

The next thing you will need is a data privacy policy. This is how you tell your customers and your prospects how you will handle their personal data.

From cookies to data retention and data sharing we have got your covered.

You don’t want something so long and complicated that no-one can understand. You need something that reflects the way you work today.

Your KoffeeKlatch data privacy policy comes with a set of videos explaining what you need to do to complete them.

You can upgrade to a full GDPR training programme at any time   And you get group support so you can ask your questions.  And free legal updates too!

Website acceptable use

Website Terms of Use Policy

If you want to join the Society of Virtual Assistants (SVA), or the Association of Professional Virtual Assistants (APVA) you will also need a website terms of use policy.

Although this is not strictly a legal requirement that is because the law does don’t require you to protect your own business!   If you have a website – particularly one offering any kind of advice and blogs, this bonus item is a must have.

Purchase the VA Terms of Business and Data Privacy Policy at the same time and you will get your website terms of use free  DO NOT ADD TO YOUR CART – IT HAPPENS POST PURCHASE

We know when you are getting ready to start you don’t have a lot of cash so we have a range of options for you at pre start up.

If you already have a client you are going to love the options we have for you

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