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Entrepreneurs: The 4 Benefits of Outsourcing

The 4 Benefits of Outsourcing

Entrepreneurs like to run their businesses on a bootstrap budget. If you’re like most entrepreneurs, that means you don’t have any employees and you wear many hats throughout your working day. You’re the boss, the bookkeeper, the receptionist, the social media specialist, the marketing department, the recruiter and then you pull out the vacuum cleaner […]

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Outsourcing industry in the UK

Running a successful business requires you to be on your toes all the time, and finding the best way of increasing performance is an essential part of making sure everything operates smoothly. Outsourcing comes into light as a natural solution, especially if you are in need of solutions, yet you are unable to provide suitable […]

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How Should Small Business Approach Outsourcing?

According to a recent study, freelancers now make up 35% of the total US workforce. The trend in the UK is pretty much the same.  And how come the numbers keep on increasing? Well, that is mainly because numerous in-house jobs are now being widely outsourced. In fact, 300,000 job positions are outsourced annually, which […]

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Data Protection changes – are you ready?

Data Protection changes are coming in to in May 2018. (GDPR) This is going to be particularly challenging for Virtual Assistants. People who outsource to VA’s are going to need to get ready for this too.When is the best time to get started on updating your Data Protection?​It is going to be challenging to design a compliant […]

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The busy business owner’s outsourcing recipe

​If you are already overloaded and overwhelmed and need to outsource this fast outsourcing recipe is for you. This plan will take you 2 hours if you already have the information available, allow up to 6 hours if you are  starting from ground zero. Designed for hands-on owner/managers who do the work they are about to outsource.Ingredients​1 […]

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PR outsourcing – Meet the Outsourcers: Claire Walker

What do successful PR outsourcers do to make it work? PR is one of many industries that has changed rapidly – not just in terms of what PR agencies currently offer, but also in terms of how freelancers and outsourced workers are used. In this insightful video interview, Claire Walker, CEO of multi-national PR company, […]

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How Santa outsourced Christmas

Season’s Greetings from Santa’s outsourcing department. Santa has asked me to report on how this year’s outsourcing project went.  It’s not been the easiest of projects and I am not sure we totally understood the effect it would have on our reputation and service.  Here are some highlights of how it went.

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