Trainers – would you like a free contract review?

​When was the last time your reviewed your trainer contract?

Are you sure your trainer contract complies with what you need to issue?

It's easy to put off updating or reviewing the contract terms for doing business with your customers.   We've seen some great ones in our time but we have also seen some really inadequate ones that can leave you open to losing copyright in your materials, seriously late payment, cancellation at the very last minute and a whole host of other problems.

We've even seen some that don't comply with the bare minimum you are legally required to issue if you are providing services in the UK.

That can make life very difficult for you if things don't go according to plan with your client.​

Want to protect your training business?

We'd like to offer you a free review of your training terms of business.

Your terms will be reviewed to see if they comply with the basics that you need to offer and we will offer you a top tip on what else you could do to improve them.

No tricks, no fuss, no catch - just an honest review of where you stand today.

Why are we offering this?​

Everything we do is driven by finding out what bothers people and how they try to create contracts that work.    This is part of a research project on how trainers contract with clients.  The results are anonymised and not details about your organisation will be shared publically as a result of your participation.

Your contracts will be held in confidence and your review will be for your eyes only.

Find out if you are on top of this or whether there is work to be done​

Just pop your details into the form below and we will send you a a few questions about how you trade your business today so we can look at your contract and create your review.​

Your information will be used to create and send you your  contract review.

We will only phone you if you ask us to or if your contract can't be read or opened for some reason

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