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Looking for Global Contracts?

Are you putting off sorting out your terms of business and your associate agreements or did you copy something from other training businesses a while ago?

Did you know that having great contracts is not just about compliance abut enhancing and securing your business in a friendly way?

You need something that deals with the real problems trainers face and the way we work today.

How much is your time and IP worth to you?

If your clients or associates are using your material in ways you have not discussed you could be losing revenue as well as control of your copyright and intellectual property. 

Do your clients negotiate bulk discounts and then not book the whole series of programmes? Do your clients want to use your material and even video you in action without paying you any further fees?

Uncertainty and lack of clarity can cost you time, money and reputation.

Created for the online way you work today by people who understand the ‘gig’ economy with all its advantages and hidden dangers.

Our trainer contracts, policies and packages start £45 +VAT for individual purchase. For even bigger savings, check out our multi-buy offers!

Save time, create profitability and set boundaries.

Prices increase on a regular basis, so the best time to buy is right now!

What our customers say...

Trainer Terms of Business

Designed to handle the variety of ways a Trainer charges, from multiple booking, to programme rate, to day rate or hourly rate, with options for webinars, video, copyright license, cancellations and more.

Included in the Trainer Terms of Business:

  1. Trainer Booking Form
  2. Trainer Data Processing Form
  3. Trainer Terms of Business

The right trainer terms of business mean your client expectations are managed professionally as well as saving you time, money and stress!

Trainer Booking Agreement

It’s important to have an up to date trainer agreement before give your trainer access to your delegates and your material. Ensure you are protecting your IP, your copyright, and access to your delegates and clients and your reputation.

Included in the Trainer Booking Agreement:

  1. Trainer Booking Agreement
  2. Trainer Booking Form
  3. Data Processing Instructions
  4. Sample Security Instructions

Business Policies

It’s time to make sure your business is compliant and legally stress-free with our comprehensive business policy pack.

This set of short, simple policies is designed to get you started. No lengthy HR waffle, no complications and designed to work with our agreements and contracts – or to stand alongside your own, if you already have agreements in place.

Included in the Policy Starter Pack:

  1. Data Privacy Policy
  2. Data Retention Policy
  3. Health and Safety Policy (Under 5 Staff)
  4. Equality Policy
  5. Social Media Rules
  6. Social Media Rules for Professionals
  7. Cookie Policy Guidance Worksheet

Trainer Business Pack

The ultimate business bundle for your training business!

Save 20% compared to the cost of each individual item.

Contracts and policies written with trainers for trainers that are ready to implement within your business. Start your business off of on the right track with contracts for your clients, associates and policies to match. Now including one year of data protection support to get you compliant with GDPR!

Included in the bundle:

  1. Trainer Terms of Business Pack
  2. Trainer Booking Agreement Pack
  3. Policy Starter Pack
  4. GDPR for Trainers Support

Plus, FREE 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Contracting With Your Client

Data Protection & GDPR

You’ve heard a lot of talk about GDPR and want to know how to prepare your business for it. There’s a lot of chatter, but not a lot of facts or helpful advice. Until now…

  • Coaching and support on Data Protection
  • Created with trainers in mind
  • Designed for the way you work with your own data and your customer's data
  • Help your clients with their GDPR compliance
  • Get to grips with the changes Brexit will bring
  • One year's membership into a dedicated Facebook group
  • Expert legal support and advice

GDPR for Trainers

Join us and other trainers in the most supportive GDPR community!

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