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Upgrade your documents for more peace of mind and flexibility

Upgrade your documents for more peace of mind and flexibility  
Increase your support and free update period and start making the documents your own as you work through the levels as your business grows.

Why upgrade?
Grow your business with confidence knowing that the KoffeeKlatch team are worrying about legal changes, and changes to the ways we all work, and updating your documents when needed.
Make the documents feel more like your business as you work through the levels.

We understand how frustrating it can be to have to purchase an upgraded document at full price which is why we have existing customer only upgrades available so that you only pay the difference between your original purchase at another level, and the level you now need.

Note: Your extended support period will run from your original purchase date to give you the same period of support as if you have purchased the higher level in the first place.  If your original purchase is no longer in support, please check the date of your purchase, as upgrades can sometimes mean you are still not in support if you have left it too long.   In that case pop over to the KoffeeKlatch alumni group and pick up a discount code to repurchase at the level you now need.

Upgrade from Basic to Standard
Upgrade from Basic to Premium
Upgrade from Standard to Premium
Pricing (excl. VAT)*

*Pricing for addons and standalones will differ. Please see individual products for more info.

from £40
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from £160
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Up to 3 changes
Up to 3 changes
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18 Months (12 additional)
18 Months (6 additional)
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