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Running a Virtual Assistant business is both exciting and rewarding but what happens when you encounter a difficult situation or client?

The truth is, without the relevant contracts in place you are opening yourself and your business up to difficulties. That's why KoffeeKlatch have created a range of documents to help you stay protected, legal and on top form.

Which documents do I need?

We are passionate about creating easy-to-manage and affordable documents for businesses of all sizes.

As part of our structure, we have split these into three easily accessible categories:


Showcasing our basic and standard range of contracts, these are perfect for those starting out or new to purchasing from KoffeeKlatch.


Our grow contracts are designed to take your business to the next level. Showcasing our standard and premium documents, these help businesses grow.


For previous KoffeeKlatch customers, we provide a wide-range of discounted document upgrades so that you are never out of pocket.

What Our Customers Say...

I've just sent the Booking Form and Terms for the first time to a new client for signing. They have been incredibly complimentary about it. It's clear, comprehensive and they know exactly where they stand.

Emily Dover

Taking on my first associate was really simple with the KoffeeKlatch associate agreements. I felt confident that the agreements would protect both of us if anything were to change and reassured by the level of detail they go into. Clauses on payments, holidays, confidentiality, standards of work etc. it's all there!

Claire Grace
The Assistant Quarters

When people ask me how do I cope with clients, contracts, data protection changes and running a VA business, I tell them I don't worry about it, I just ask KoffeeKlatch.   I don't have to be confused or work it all out on my own.

Lucy Messaritis
Nixon Executive Support

Confused by our contract options?

With a range of basic, standard and premium contracts available, we understand that these can be difficult to understand from first look. Discover the differences between our versions via our contract comparison below.