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Do you need your VA terms for small projects?

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Are you sometimes tempted to avoid issuing your VA terms for small projects?

Is it easier not to bother for small pieces of work?

Let’s ignore compliance for a moment

The Provision of Services Regulations 2009  requires all service providers to provide specific information in writing. This is not just for Virtual Assistants!  And it says nothing there about only when the project is for a large amount of money!

How will this affect your business?

Let’s compare the processes

Which seems like less work to you?

Running a successful business is about having REPEATABLE systems you can AUTOMATE or DELEGATE.

It’s not about making individual decisions about administration every time something comes up

You won’t be able to grow your business very far without working out what is on your ‘always’ list

Make it easy on yourself

Get into a simple routine and stick with it.


Download your compliant and flexible VA terms

Suitable for long term and short term VA projects.

Buy your re-usable VA terms today.  Click here for more information

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