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But today we have an offer for you - a little thank you for joining us and taking time out of your busy schedule to listen and learn more about how to create a business on your terms.

Reduce your stress and manage your profits today

Get your fully brandable KoffeeKlatch VA terms of business and an associate agreement.

£75 plus VAT (£90)

  • No more guilty writing off of extra time you can't charge for!
  • Increase profitability by establishing premium rates
  • Brand it your own way VA terms of trade
  • Brand it your own way booking form you can use with each client to cover individual arrangements

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£75 plus VAT (£90)

  • Stop worrying about losing your clients to your associates
  • Easy associate onboarding
  • Brand it your own way
  • Choose Ltd or Unlimited depending on how your associate trades
  • Create project based variations when you need them
  • Expert legal support (via Facebook group)

Use your VIPVA members 20% discount code at the check out and watch the price go down!.

The average UK based VA charges £25 an hour for her time.  You'd only need to sort out getting 100% of your monthly client time billed and you'd be in profit.  You wouldn't even need to add a new associate to make this work for you financially.

KoffeeKlatch brand it your own way agreements are sold subject to KoffeeKlatch terms of business.    

KoffeeKlatch brand it your own way agreements can be separately upgraded to fully editable with support on some edits or even fully customised. thing I do know is the significance of a sound contract. The backbone of any business relationship. Certainly for us in Pitch Perfect Club our relationship with our members is so incredibly important.

... I would heartily recommend KoffeeKlatch if ever you need business terms sorted out. And sorted out properly.​

Deon Newbronner 
MD Pitch Perfect Club
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