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Essential Virtual Assistant contract templates and data privacy support specifically designed for VAs working in the UK

Work with clients or associates worldwide?

Virtual Assistant contracts - set boundaries, save time, stop worrying

Organizing virtual assistant contracts and complying with regulations can be frustrating and time-consuming. 

Do you cut and paste something from an American-based organisation that ignores UK laws?

Do you copy something from a friend’s business that might be out of date -or worse still never correct in the first place?

Do you download a general freelancers contract and hope it fits the way a modern VA works and handles data?

Do you ignore the whole thing and hope for the best?

Your KoffeeKlatch Virtual Assistant contracts are written by experts

Our team of experts including lawyers, communicators and GDPR specialists keep track of any changes in laws and technology so you don’t have to worry.  It’s just like having your own team – but without the expense.

Different options to match where you are on your Virtual Assistant journey

Just learning or getting started?

Just learning or getting started?

It is tempting to leave getting your contract and data privacy policy until you have got a paying client.

If you do it can be a bit of a scramble getting your head around the things you need to do before you can safely and lawfully touch any 3rd party personal data your clients share with you.

The Basic level is branded KoffeeKlatch way and is designed to get you learning and exploring before you have that all important first client.

Complete with step-by-step videos on how to complete your documents, and 6 months group support in our  customer only Facebook group where you will find a friendly and supportive community waiting to answer your questions.

Just complete the details of who you are, how you work, how you charge, and who your client is.  And there’s a handy data processing additional section for clients who don’t issue you with a proper data processing agreement.

Upgrade to the Standard level later when you have an income stream since adding your logo to a more neutral branding can feel more professional.

Upgrades are available at a customer only price that means you don’t lose the money you paid for the basic level.

What documents do you need to get started?

You will need a contract to issue to your client 

– we call that a VA terms of business.  

That will set out how much you charge, who is doing what, what is extra.  It will handle confidentiality, copyright, payment (and late payment) and all the basics you need to make your business work.   You complete a form giving all the unique details about you and your client and you are ready to go.  Your client should issue you with a data processing agreement if you are accessing information about their clients, prospects or team, but just in case, your terms pack includes what we call a data processing form, which along with the additional contractual rules gives you all you need to be handling their information correctly.

You will also need a data privacy policy (because you are a data controller for your own business).

– we call that a GDPR data privacy policy

Contracts start at just £55 + VAT*

*excluding addons and standalone policies which start at £10 plus VAT.

Buy our VA Business Basics Pack and SAVE 20% per item if you choose three or more paid items.

Happy clients, happy associates, happy VAs

Have you already got clients?

Once you’ve got your business going you are going to want to add your logo and start making the documents look more like your own.  Standard level documents come with a neutral branding and space for you to add your own logo.

You get 12 months support period, so you can really get to grips with all the ins and outs of making your contracts and documents really work for you.

You may choose to simply purchase

 –  VA Terms and a GDPR policy at Standard level together claiming a free website terms of use (added to the Zone post purchase)


If you already need to know more about data privacy and working securely with your clients 

–  VA terms and GDPR online audit and programme for VAs  -includes a Premium level Data Privacy Policy (sold separately for £80 plus VAT).   

And if you are already working with associates, then you will want to add in the VA Hiring agreement.

Or select any three paid items from the multi-buy pack at the bottom of the page and save 20%.
Please note you must add three or more items if using the multi-buy option or you can’t check out.

Note that these contracts are designed for VAs in the UK who have associates and clients in the UK. If you’re in the UK and you work with clients or associates worldwide, please click the button below to see which contracts we’ve prepared to cover you.

This contract is the one you issue to your CLIENTS.

It covers you for issues including data privacy, GDPR, NDAs, copyright, IP, tax and more. 

It’s been designed to handle all the ways you might charge – whether retainer, hourly rate, or project. It also has options for different rates, such as core hours, out-of-hours, and uplifts for specific work.  Add your business details, your client’s details, your rates, your packages and you are ready.

Included in the VA Terms of Business:

  1. VA Terms of Business
  2. VA Booking Form
  3. UK Data Processing Form
  4. UK Data Contractual Terms
  5. Security rules
  6. Extensive videos on how to complete and use your documents
  7. Group support in Facebook

With these VA Terms of Business in place, your client expectations will be managed professionally as well as saving you time, money and stress. 

If you want a contract to give your VA team or VA associates (someone you are paying), you need our VA Hiring Agreement.

VA Hiring Agreement

Do you employ a team of VAs, or outsource to VA associates?   This is the one you issue to your TEAM

If yes, this is the contract you need to manage your relationships with them. 

The VA Hiring Agreement covers hiring VAs who run their own company as well as VAs who operate as a sole trader. It includes clear policies and procedures to protect you, including GDPR, copyright, non-compete clauses and NDAs. 

Included in the VA Hiring Agreement:

  1. VA Hiring Agreement
  2. VA Data Processing Instructions
  3. VA Booking Form
  4. Sample Security Instructions
With the VA Hiring Agreement, your team and associate relationships will be managed professionally as well as saving you time, money and stress.

If you want a contract to give your CLIENTS, you need our VA Terms of Business.

GDPR Privacy Policy

Work towards GDPR compliance with our bestselling GDPR Privacy Policy. Includes a step-by-step mini course to guide you through what to include within your policy as well as your cookies and data retention.

Included in the GDPR Privacy Policy:

  • Data Privacy Policy
  • Step-by-step Mini Course (Includes Cookie and Data Retention guidance)

Please note:  Do not add to cart if you are purchasing a GDPR programme.  You will get this in your online course.  This policy is FREE when purchasing our full GDPR Programme

GDPR Compliance for VAs

Worried about GDPR compliance? 

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are now in place, but it can be a struggle to figure out what VAs actually need to do (and what you don’t). What’s more, with constant changes, you need to keep up to date if you’re going to meet your legal obligations.

This programme is designed to help you comply with GDPR in an easy, supportive and practical way.  

Programme includes a free Data Privacy Policy at Premium level – usually sold for £80 plus VAT

Access to the most supportive and comprehensive GDPR community for VAs is yours for 12 months at a time (you have the option to renew at the end of each year).

VA Multi-Buy Business Pack: Save 20%

Build the ultimate business bundle for your Virtual Assistant business!

Choose any three items and SAVE 20% compared to the cost of buying them individually.   

Free website acceptable use policy (usually sold at £80 plus VAT) if your options include the Terms of Business pack and a GDPR option.  Added after the cart automatically into your document Zone.  .

Options available within the bundle:

  1. VA Terms of Business Pack
  2. VA Hiring Agreement Pack
  3. GDPR Data Privacy Policy OR
  4. GDPR for Virtual Assistants Support

Your multi-buy discount will be applied automatically as you add each item to the cart.

Work with clients or associates worldwide?

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