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You’re a savvy web designer, or, web developer, and you want your client to get things to you in a timely fashion and pay you on time. You’re aware that 80% of small business owners have a bad relationship with their web designer and you’re determined that won’t be you.

Depending on the project spec, you will have access to the client email list (or perhaps be the person that sets it up for you), you will access your server – and can see all the data there, and you may be the person that hooks up the payment system to their new website, so you’ll have access to their shopping cart or payment processor.

You will have access to all your core business tools, and you’ll want to show that you can protect your client’s privacy as well as set this up properly, and manage all these moving parts. Your web designer contract need to reflect this. 

You’ve heard about GDPR, and you will want to ensure client understands what is expected from them. GDPR also means you’ll need to have an agreement with what your client and know how you will handle data processing on your behalf.

Now, if you’re thinking your client doesn’t have any data, you’d be like the millions of others out there without an agreement protecting your business. Data is simple things like names, phone numbers, email addresses and you have to protect this or you can get in trouble. Privacy is just as important to your customers as it is to you.

What do you need to do to protect your web design project?

When asked what went wrong clients say they didn’t get what they wanted.

When you ask the web designer what went wrong with a project they’ll tell you the client had unrealistic expectations and scope creep (adding bits to the project after the initial quote was accepted), and not paying on time.

Sometimes, a client expects the web designer to create the words on the page. Did they know you thought this was their job?

Or perhaps you want them to use a certain style image. Again, do they know this information up-front or did you mention it fleetingly in a conversation?

You can see how it gets out of hand really quickly!

The fines for breach of copyright start in the hundreds and end in the high thousands.

Created for the online way you work today by people who understand the ‘gig’ economy with all its advantages and hidden dangers.

Our VA contracts, policies and packages start £45 +VAT for individual purchase. For even bigger savings, check out our multi-buy offers!

Save time, create profitability and set boundaries.

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What our customers say...

Web Designer Terms of Business

You’re a web designer and you’re sick of clients adding to your workload without adding to your bank balance. You’re fed up with clients not understanding what they need to do, and what they’re responsible for (no matter how many times you tell them!)

Included in the Web Designer Terms of Business:

  1. Web Designer Booking Form
  2. Web Designer Data Processing Form
  3. Web Designer Terms of Business

The right web designer terms of business mean your client expectations are managed professionally as well as saving you time, money and stress!

Web Designer Hiring Agreement

You need a web designer for the technical and design side of your online presence. Our agreement is designed to handle copyright, IP, security, confidentiality, payment and all the things that can trip you up when you’re working with a Web Designer..

Included in the Web Designer Hiring Agreement:

  1. Web Designer Booking Form
  2. Web Designer Hiring Agreement
  3. Data Processing Instructions
  4. Sample Security Instructions

Business Policies

It’s time to make sure your business is compliant and legally stress-free with our comprehensive business policy pack.

This set of short, simple policies is designed to get you started. No lengthy HR waffle, no complications and designed to work with our agreements and contracts – or to stand alongside your own, if you already have agreements in place.

Included in the Policy Starter Pack:

  1. Data Privacy Policy
  2. Data Retention Policy
  3. Health and Safety Policy (Under 5 Staff)
  4. Equality Policy
  5. Social Media Rules
  6. Social Media Rules for Professionals
  7. Cookie Policy Guidance Worksheet

Web Designer Business Pack

The ultimate business bundle for your web design business!

Contracts and policies written with designers for designers that are ready to implement within your business. Start your business off of on the right track with contracts for your clients, associates and policies to match. Now including one year of data protection support to get you compliant with GDPR!

Included in the bundle:

  1. Web Designer Terms of Business Pack
  2. Web Designer Hiring Agreement Pack
  3. Policy Starter Pack
  4. GDPR for Digital VIPs Support

Plus, FREE 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Contracting With Your Client

GDPR Compliance

Looking to work towards GDPR compliance within your business? Struggling to keep up-to-date with all the updated legislation?

Join the most supportive and comprehensive GDPR community. This programme is designed to help you comply with GDPR in an easy, supportive and practical way and includes a one year membership to the following:
  • Coaching and support on Data Protection
  • Access to our new dedicated training zone
  • Access to a private Facebook group for your industry
  • Step-by-step course to take you through the process
  • Get to grips with the changes Brexit will bring
  • Video training, checklists, planners, live webinars
  • Full GDPR compliance and support

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