What is a Contract & How Does it Work?

Many business owners and entrepreneurs get confused about what a contract is, and isn’t. Imagine for a moment you’re in the KoffeeKlatch kitchen. I ask you to make me a cup of coffee. This isn’t a contract, it’s a favour. You’re not obligated to make me a cup of coffee.

Imagine that KoffeeKlatch isn’t a vibrant business community serving smart entrepreneurs, but a coffee shop. I walk in and give you £5 and ask for a coffee. If you take the money I’m now entitled to a cup of coffee.

This infographic explains simply and effectively what a contract is, and how it works.

What is a Contract & How Does it Work? 1

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  1. Jo-ann Tone

    Hello, I live in France and have been operating as a VA for a few years now. My 2 major clients have now stopped operating their businesses so my services are surplus to requirement. I would like to operate but do not anything about GDPR and would also like some help with basic contracts. Up until now, I have written my own and the way I have operated has been pretty informal. Is this something you can help with? Thanks kindly

    Jo Tone

    1. Hi Jo

      Thank you for your enquiry. Please do have a look at our page

      We have a number of French VAs in our GDPR group and using our terms of business. Have a look at the page and please do come back to us with any questions.

      We look forward to working with you.

      The KoffeeKlatch Team

    2. Annabel Kaye


      We have this summer also released our Global VA contracts designed for VAs working across borders. they an be found via our normal VA pages Just click the global option if this is for you.

      Hope you have managed to work through it all.

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