Why don’t we do a Black Friday sale?

It’s that time of year again from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. It seems that everybody has a sale going on.

We like to treat our customers the way we want to be treated ourselves. And the truth is I get really irritated when new customers get offered a better deal than the price I just paid. It makes me feel that I overpaid for what I bought.

We like to offer our existing customers the best deal

Black Friday sales are all about enticing new customers.

Of course, we want new customers – doesn’t everybody? 

But we want KoffeeKlatch customers to stay with us as you grow and change.

And that means giving existing customers the best possible deals.

Why don't we do a Black Friday sale? 1

If you are not a KoffeeKlatch customer and you are waiting for a Black Friday offer – we are sorry to disappoint you.

This year, like every year, there isn’t going to be one.

But if you are a customer, check your inbox and the KoffeeKlatch customer support group on Facebook for customer-only offers just for you.

If you are still within your support period and you can’t find your emails ask the customer support group.  

If you are a returning customer no longer in support ask in the Alumni support group

And we will make sure your customer-only offer gets to you.


Thanksgiving sale

We like to think of it more as a Thanksgiving sale. It’s our opportunity to do a little more for you and help you with your changing business contract needs.

And it’s your opportunity to expand your support and contracts at a customer-only Thanksgiving price.



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