Why You Should Outsource Digital Marketing

Why You Should Outsource Digital Marketing 1

With virtually the whole world riding on the digital wave, digital marketing has emerged as the most successful — and in most cases, most cost-effective — way of running marketing campaigns. It therefore comes as no surprise that PR Newswire expects the global market for digital marketing to be worth a whopping $460 billion this year (£367.93 billion).

Yet when it comes to crafting digital marketing campaigns for your own company, there’s always one nagging question: should you outsource your digital marketers or go about it on your own? Though both have their own merits, outsourcing them may be a better fit for your company’s goals in the long run. Here’s why.

It saves you time for the right things

If your business isn’t solely related to marketing — maybe you work mostly in property management or financial advising, for example — you shouldn’t really be taking up a huge portion of your time making your own digital marketing campaigns. Outsourcing digital marketing tasks gives you the time you need to work smarter and focus on the higher-level duties that actually make your company tick. It also eliminates all the hassles that come with managing an in-house digital marketing team, like allocating a budget, monitoring their progress, and providing them with all the necessary equipment.

It provides expert knowledge

Business2Community makes it clear that digital marketing’s distinct but related strategies require a lot of theoretical and practical experience — and your business might not have the knowledge needed to formulate your own campaigns successfully. With outsourcing, you can get seasoned digital marketers in fields like website development, social media, search engine optimisation (SEO), content writing, and data analytics. What’s more, you’ll get a fresh set of eyes on your company and its values. Ultimately, this means outsourced digital marketers can think of new and unique ways to market your business in ways you may not have thought of previously.

It’s cheaper

In-house digital marketing can be costly. Your equipment needs to be current — and in today’s Digital Age, this means replacing them constantly. Digital marketing teams should also be paid full-time with benefits. There’s also the cost of maintaining campaigns. According to Ayima, SEO and website monitoring alone — which are vital to placing your site at the top of Google’s search results — require extensive development resource. Fortunately, you can outsource experts who use their own equipment and are only paid on a per-project basis. Their knowledge also reduces the risk of failed campaigns, saving you from making costly long-term mistakes.

It improves your bottom line

Outsourced digital marketing experts can deliver significant ROI in various ways. For one, your campaigns will be optimally designed to reach and compel your target audience to give you their business. These campaigns will be run consistently, even on weekends and holidays. Success will also be continually measured, scrutinised, and acted upon — allowing outsourced digital marketers to improve and even scale up their efforts. Most importantly, you’ll be able to focus on your business, improve your products and services, and enhance the trust and loyalty of customers initially drawn in by your digital marketing campaigns in the first place.

Making the most of outsourced digital marketing

So how does one go about outsourcing digital marketing? Try following our Outsourcing Recipe outsourcing recipe. Simply take one clear, measurable goal that’s doable given the budget and timeframe your resources can provide. From here, you can tap into your network or reach out to digital marketing agencies for references to freelancers whose skill sets match the job at hand. Finally, use KoffeeKlatch to draw up a contract that will tie everything together. You can’t go wrong with a single clear goal and a roadmap to follow.

Digital marketing may not be your forte, but it’s still vital if you want to remain competitive in your industry today. By outsourcing the talent you need, you know that your investments in digital marketing won’t go to waste.

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