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Stay compliant, legal and ensure you are paid on time, every time.

KoffeeKlatch is the one-stop shop for VAs, web designers, bookkeepers, trainers and other outsourced businesses to gain clarity in their business legalities. With our wide range of contracts, policies, agreements and GDPR support groups, we help provide the backbone to your business.

GDPR: Use Compliance To Grow Your Business

You have heard a lot about GDPR over the last year so.  Did you put off tackling it because it was all too much?  Did you get yourself compliant for May 2018?  GDPR is always changing, from EU updates to Brexit to the latest technology  – it is never a done deal.

Let KoffeeKlatch put your mind at rest around GDPR and your business.

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Bestselling Contracts and Support for a Range of Industries

KoffeeKlatch provides a wide range of industry specific contracts, policies and support for businesses of all sizes so that they can ensure they remain compliant, legal and stress-free.

Plain and Simple GDPR Support

You’ve heard a lot of talk about GDPR and want to know how to prepare your business for it. There’s a lot of chatter, but not a lot of facts or helpful advice. Until now…

We’ve created unique groups around similar types of business so that you can get the benefit of support without paying for it all on your own.


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